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WOW! … We are now in our *5th year* of this miraculous event, the Singing Bowl Blessing. Here are some great questions I have been asked *over the years* …

Singing Bowl Blessing Questions & Answers

Q: What makes the Singing Bowl Blessing work so well?

A: The technologies utilized through the Singing Bowl Blessing are tried and true. Many of them are ancient and have only been available to the masters and the Gurus. Highly enlightened beings have used these Blessing techniques to work their magic for all of time.

Q: What are the Singing Bowl Blessing Technologies?

A: A few of the advanced streams of master technology that you will use in your blessing are: crystalline structure, quantum mechanics, expanded reiki ray, kabbalistic ritual, singing bowl healing, music therapy, holographic sound, pranic healing, kundalini yoga, shamanic journeying, angelic transmissions ….. The Blessing has all of the best manifestation and healing practices readily available depending on what your situation calls for.

Q: Why do you say the Singing Bowl Blessing is available to me for a brief moment in history?

A: The Blessing has been gifted to the beings of planet earth during this crucial time in history. All of the electromagnetic fields and sacred geometric patterning are in place right now to take advantage of this advanced energy … in the form of healing, manifestation , etc., I do not know how long this window will stay open.

Q: What is a Singing Bowl Blessing Bowl?

A: The Blessing Bowl is YOUR sacred object that has held a secret code of creation, in safe keeping, for you until you come to claim it. A Blessing Bowl is a next generation Singing Bowl that has more advanced qualities and has a different job to do. Your Blessing Bowl holds the frequency of your highest Desires and well being.

Q: What is the Singing Bowl Blessing Code of Creation?

A: Code of creation is another way of saying the plan for your life and the manifestations you where born to have. Your Blessing ensures that you activate in your life your divine blueprint as dictated by your true essence. Most importantly it ensures that you can read the information and set it into motion in your life … Easily!

Q: Will I get to keep my Singing Bowl Blessing Bowl?

A: Yes, absolutely. Your Blessing Bowl is your special sacred object. It belongs to you and has been waiting patiently for you. There are many supportive uses for your Blessing Bowl as it continues to work magic in your life.

Q: Will I have special abilities after my Singing Bowl Blessing?

A: Yes, you will have gone through a profound advancement in your evolution. Each person becomes aware of these abilities at different times and in different ways. They are present. You improve your life in so many ways!

Q: Can anyone be a part of the Singing Bowl Blessing?

A: Yes and No. It really is not for everyone but everyone can benefit. Some people can not comprehend spiritual, physical. mental and emotional changes occurring in such an easeful way. The energy works with you on so many levels and many of them are not easily explained. Remember, you will be called just as all the great masters have been before you. It is very much the same.


Come and join the Singing Bowl Blessing … you can find out more information Here.

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